Orange Savings

Orange Savings

Returns: Interest on your Orange Savings account @ 3.75% p.a. is paid on daily balance, a rate that higher than the market average.

Flexibility: You have the flexibility of unrestricted withdrawals with no minimum balance restrictions.


Discounts of Service Charges: Your Orange Savings account allows you to avail special waivers and discounts on selected banking services:
  • Higher interest rates
  • No charges on inter branch transactions within Nepal
  • No additional charges on issuance of Debit Card for first year.
  • 50% waiver on annual charge for Safe Deposit Lockers.
  • No security deposit on lockers.
  • Access to your accounts through SMS Alert, Email Solutions, Mobile Banking,   i-Banking, Cheque Book, Debit  Card. 


Come enrich your life with Orange.


We assure you of our best services at all times and we remain committed to providing you with the best banking experience that you truly deserve.