Mobile Money

Customers can now literally carry their Laxmi Bank accounts in their pockets. It is a true anytime-anywhere service!

• Transfer money to your friend’s account.
• Withdraw cash through our Remittance Agents.
• Initiate a domestic remittance on your own.
• Pay your phone bills/Credit Card bills.
• Pay at a restaurant or a shop through your Mobile 

Mobile Money services are currently available for Nepal Telecom and NCELL mobile users. The platform has been put through rigorous testing and carries a number of security features to ensure safety and reliability of financial transactions.

How it Works?

There is nothing complicated to it as onlooker might believe.

  • Do you have a cell phone?
  • Are you comfortable sending SMS?

Then all you need is to subscribe to our service and type in the proper syntax we provide you with. You send in your instruction to 2002 which registers into our system and simply enough, the transaction would have already taken place. And for your confirmation, and that of the beneficiary, an SMS would be sent to both the parties.

How to use Mobile Money?

It is as simple as typing a SMS and sending it to 32002 where we receive your instructions and undertake the transactions.

Instruction syntaxes are as follows:

  1. Quick MenuS
a.Balance Enquiry
b. Mini Statement   
c. Change Pin
<Old pin><space><PC><space><New Pin>
  1. Transferring fund to your peers:
a) Internal Fund Transfer
<PIN><space>FT<space><AMOUNT><space><Account No>
b) Bank to Bank Transfer
<PIN><space>IBFT<space><AMOUNT><space><Account No>
c) To Registered Mobile
  1. Bill Payment: 
a) NT Topup>>NT Prepaid
<PIN><space>PAY<space>NTNAM<space><Amount><space> <Prepaid Mobile no.>
b) NT Topup>>NT Postpaid
<PIN><space>PAY<space>NTPOS<space><Amount><space><Postpaid Mobile_no.>
c) NT Topup>>NT Landline
<PIN><space>PAY<space>NTPST<space><Amount><space><Landline no.>
d) NT Topup>>NT ADSL
1234 PAY NTADV/NTADS 1017 adsl44700123 144700123
e) Ncell Topup
<PIN><space><PAY><space><NCELL><space><amount><space><mobile no.>
f) Credit Card Bill
<PIN><space>PAY<space><Merchant Code><><AMOUNT> <space><Payment Code>
g) eSewa
<PIN><space>PAY<space>ESEWA<space><AMOUNT><space><eSewa ID>   

While your PIN is case sensitive, no other codes are sensitive to either upper or lower case, so type to your convenience.

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