Dear Customers,

Laxmi Bank has successfully upgraded its system to Infosys Finacle. With this upgrade, there are a few changes you need to adapt to, in order to take advantage of the new and advanced way of banking online.

Please go through the different sections of the menu above to get an understand of each of the changes. In case you have some confusion or need further clarification, please write to us at or call us at 977-1-4436874 or 16600102020 (Toll-Free) during office hours.

Primary Changes

  • Enhanced Security Through: Two Separate Passwords for Log-In and Transactions on Laxmi Bank’s iBank facility. (See Managing Passwords)
  • Two Factor Authentication: to secure your online banking experience. (See Two Factor Authentication)
  • Robust Payee Management Module: so you do not ‘mistakenly’ make bill payments for somebody else. (See Managing Payee List)
In this line, the password for iBank also needs an update. For this, a new set of PINs (Two PINs) have been made available at the branch you bank with (the branch where you opened your Laxmi Bank account).