Fixed Accounts

We provide you interest earning deposit for a fixed time period, on the idle money of your organization. For this we have a range of flexible fixed deposit plans to suit your organizational needs. Fixed Deposits earns you a higher return on your savings than an ordinary savings account.

The applicable rate of interest varies from time to time and is determined at the time of placing the deposit and is not subjected to change till maturity of the deposit.

The features of our Fixed Deposits are as follows:

  • A minimal deposit of NPR 10,000 is required to open a fixed deposit account
  • Different options are available for payment of interest. Interest is payable at periodic intervals or at the time of maturity along with the principal amount as per your requirements
  • Interest with principal amount will be credited in your current / saving account upon its maturity
  • Credit facility available against deposit
  • Tenor of the deposit can be auto renewed at the time of maturity
  • Premature-liquidation facility available upon a minimal charge

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