Credit Card

What is Freedom unless you can enjoy it? 

Credit Card that truly puts you in control of your money. Laxmi Bank’s VISA Credit Card with exceptional financial benefits:
  1. No Stress Payment
  2. Flexi Payment
  3. Hassle-Free Payment
Credit Card Hotline: 014445200

Choose a payment structure that meets your needs.

No Stress Repayment - Pay per your convenience. While you may buy a product anytime, you can choose to pay in parts per your convenience. All you have to do is just pay a minimum of 5% of the total outstanding each month and the balance in installments that suit your budget.

Flexi-Payment - The Bank provides the freedom to all our card holders to make flexible payment of any percentage above 5% of their total outstanding each month which facilitates to manage their personal finance accordingly.

Hassle free Payment - It’s easy and no hassle you have a variety of payment mode on your monthly credit card bills. You can pay in any of our cash counters; make payment through standing instruction and through our very own Internet banking “Laxmi iBank”.

Enjoy interest free period of 45 days upon using Laxmi Bank's Credit Card *

Month End Statement Summary – Know where you spend. Do you really know where you spend your hard earned money? You realize how difficult it is to keep track of your spending habits and patterns. Your Laxmi Credit Card month End Statement Summary, combines all your transactions during the month thus enabling you to plan better.

Our Credit card is accepted in all VISA’S 5,000 ATMs and 300,000 Point of Sales (POS) in India and Nepal, which give you the instant accessibility in this region.

Membership Terms And Conditions for Laxmi Bank Visa Credit Cards.

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* Please confirm your Credit Card cycle to enjoy this facilty.

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