Collection Management Service

CMS is a generic service available to business entities or other organizations that need to collect and manage funds from across various individual entities on a regular or periodic basis. 

Merchants and Organizations get the following direct benefits out of this service:

  1. Reminders to the customers on collection due dates, in advance, post due date, etc. customizable to the client’s requirement
  2. Fund collection option available in all bank branches, expandable across the remittance agent network – across the country.
  3. Client alert/update on collection available in
    1. real time (as and when the customer makes a deposit),
    2. batch (end of day/week/month/periodic interval)
    3. Email
    4. Electronic data interchange (EDI), where we automatically update your database for such changes.
    5. SMS alert
    6. Or a combination of these as customized.
  4. If you already have an electronic collection system, we are simply a Plug-and-Play solution. That is, we can easily integrate to your system with no adjustments necessary at your front!

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