Mr. Sushil Kumar Aryal

Coordinator, Audit Committee

Mr. Dinesh Poudel


Mr. Manohar Raj Uprety

Head – Internal Audit

The directives of Nepal Rastra Bank and the relevant Company legislation govern the formation and functioning of a board level Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee meets regularly with senior members of the Internal Audit department, Chief Governance Officer, and external auditors to consider the Bank’s financial reporting the nature and scope of audit reviews and the effectiveness of the systems of internal control and compliance. It is also responsible for the appointment, reappointment, removal, and remuneration of external auditors.

The Audit Committee reports to the Board, drawing the Board’s attention to salient points that the Board should be aware of identifying any matters in respect of which it considers that action or improvement is needed and making relevant recommendations. The committee has unrestricted access to members of the management, staff and any records/information, etc., that is reasonable and may require to carry out its responsibilities.